Gun Shooting – Vegas


Over a week ago now, there was a horrific gun shooting in Las Vegas. On Thursday, I’ll be traveling there for some family matters. While there I intend to visit the site and pay my respects. I have stayed at the Mandalay Bay and been to Vegas many times. There are no words you can put together to ease the suffering of those families who lost loved ones. I’m sorry is all you can say.

What can we do, however, is turning into a political duel, as expected. From Trump, Republicans to the NRA the left blames everyone but the shooter.  Look this guy, from what we have gathered, clearly planned this event, and you know what else he was a freaking democrat! Imagine just for a moment had the shooter been a registered Republican, the MainStream Media would be having a field day but alas it is barely even mentionable that he was a liberal.

Now what were his motives? If you don’t know that by now, you are extremely dense. He was an unhinged liberal targeting what would be expected to be (although not always) a conservative concert, namely Country Music.  Typically fans of Country music tend to be Republicans, so what better location/event for a crazy, nut-bag liberal to attack conservatives.  It isn’t rocket science, it is patently obvious.

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Now I carry most places I go and for any liberal to say I can’t I say, pound sound snowflake. Just because you aren’t used to guns, have never held one, seen one, shot one, doesn’t give you any right to restrict my freedom to protect my family. I haven’t used, smoked or eaten weed but I don’t tell you what to do with it or that you can’t have it! It’s the same logic and makes more sense when we talk about other drugs like cocaine and heroin. Why, well because they are illegal, yet people still somehow get ahold of those. Same goes for guns, if your argument is to take away our guns, don’t you know those who will still have them will, duh, be the criminal element of society.  This liberal talking point is just ridiculous. USA, LLC

I give thoughts and prayers to the families because I personally believe that prayer does work, I don’t give a rats’ behind what whiny snowflake liberals think about that.

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Comey Testimony Blows Up In Liberals’ Faces!


Yesterday Former FBI Director, as everyone well knows, testified in an open hearing questioned by Senators. If you noticed the exchange between most was cordial but especially so for Democrat Senators. It was obvious they wished to charm and salivate over Mr. Comey, yet his testimony was lackluster for their cause to say the least.

Mr. Comey for the first time disclosed he prompted the leak of some allegedly contemporaneously written memos to his meeting with President Trump the day after Mr. Flynn was fired. Mr. Comey indicated he leaked the information in response to a tweet put out by POTUS indicating there may be some tapes and he wanted to get ahead of any speculation regarding his credibility, oh and additionally to prompt the appointment of a special prosecutor to his delight.


Couple of issues with this: 1) apparently he was easily forced to follow former AG Lynch’s direction to quash the investigation into Hillary Clinton, yet he never leaked that information or wanted a special prosecutor appointed, and 2) the alleged tweet put out by POTUS regarding the tapes and then Comey’s attempt to establish the memos were written contemporaneous to the meeting have timing issues.  Either Mr. Comey is mistaken or fabricated the entire reason for the leak to the media, via his liberal Columbia Law Professor friend. You see POTUS’ private lawyer pointed out portions of the leaked memos were already being discussed by the New York Times prior to POTUS’ tapes tweet, oops.  So Mr. Comey’s story about awaking in the middle of night to get those out is false, unless he awoke in the middle of the night and summoned the doc from back to the future to take him back three days and give them to the New York Times.  Comey is clearly incorrect here and lied in his testimony.

Mr. Comey’s testimony was also an effort by him to establish credibility and many in the mainstream media seemingly have given him credence, however, let’s break down a couple of issues.  Mr. Comey used the words “Lordy” “Queasy” and “Captain Courageous” at various times in his testimony to, ostensibly, establish he was akin to a boy scout a meager little worker bee, however, would he be the director of the best criminal investigatory agency in the world if he was as meek as he played.  Of course not, it was a ploy to give self-deprecate and establish a rapport with those questioning him, he is no dummy and I’m sure is well aware of how to manipulate the room as a witness. It’s funny how no media outlets have picked up on this.  Additionally he said he gave in to Former AG Lynch when she directed him to call the Hillary investigation a “matter” instead saying it wasn’t a hill worth dying on.  Again, with that disclosure he appears to play the meek shy character when he is nothing of the sort, look back at his past to see how fierce of a prosecutor he really is, yet liberals the media, and many conservatives are fooled by this new persona.

Another questionable issue is that Mr. Comey stated even before he met POTUS he didn’t trust him, he felt he was a liar so he wanted to memorialize every conversation.  If he had this preconceived view of POTUS it is clear anything POTUS said to him was going to be scrutinized by him and exaggerated.  Mr. Comey had and still has an agenda, a party loyalty, clearly.  A couple of other issues here as well: 1) he didn’t memorialize any other communications with his previous superiors or other calls with POTUS, only the alleged “I hope you’ll let this go” conversation, and 2) it was supposedly after the tweet by POTUS about tapes that he sent his contemporaneously written memos to his friend at Columbia to leak to the press (which we again know to be a lie because the press was already leaking the contents of the alleged memo prior to the POTUS tweet).

Additionally, Mr. Comey clearly leaked those memos (whether you believe they were written the day of the conversation with POTUS or after he was fired really remains to be accurately and truthfully established) in retaliation for being fired. He leaked them to a liberal friend to a well-know anti-Trump liberal news outlet, if you can’t see the blatant bias here you are blind.  Mr. Comey also, as Senator Rubio astutely pointed out, only leaked information Mr. Comey wanted leaked, for example he did not leak the fact POTUS was not personally under investigation! If Comey was leaking to establish credibility and his boy scout persona is to be believed, why did he leave that out. This was about Comey and nothing more, a selfish, arrogant, hurt little petulant child trying to get back at POTUS for being fired, nothing more.

One last issue with Mr. Comey is that when he was fired via POTUS’ memo to him POTUS indicated he was informed 3 separate times by Mr. Comey POTUS was not under investigation.  When pressed on that statement in the memo, originally Mr. Comey stated it was false and that would not ever be disclosed to someone, however, in yesterday’s hearing he clearly indicated POTUS’ version was in fact true.  So for those liberals running on the supposed credibility of Mr. Comey, tread lightly because we all heard what he said as well and can judge for ourselves and clearly Mr. Comey is playing politics, and is a scorned ex-employee with a retaliatory axe to grind.  Your obstruction of justice narrative is going kaput as fast as that Russia collusion theory.

Liberals plan to impeach Trump!


It is no surprise that since his inauguration President Donald Trump has faced increasing criticism. From day one, the mainstream media called his inauguration speech divisive, they made fun of the crowd size (failing to mention numerous parties of protestors/rioters were blocking entryways to the mall), they have criticized every single little step he has made. Just the other day CNN ran a story about how many scoops of ice cream he got compared to others, I mean really, that is news! That is promoting ideology and propaganda, not news.

What the liberal mainstream media, in collusion with the DNC, have planned since November 9th is to personally, aggressively and daily attack President Trump. There have been a vast number of attention grabbing headlines when in the end the “sources” didn’t pan out and the stories were proven false. But this is the mantra of the liberals, they don’t care what it takes, they plan to oust him at all costs.

Take for example the recent Washington Post allegation that Trump shared “classified” information with the Russians referencing an “unnamed source.” The Washington Post doesn’t actually care if any of it is true, they want the headline, they want to create a false scandal and all other liberal outlets are in collusion. Three people who were in the meeting denied any such conversation regarding classified information was provided to Russia, yet every single liberal news organization grabbed the headline and ran with it, they don’t care if there is any veracity to the allegation, they just want the allegation. You see they figure if they continue to make allegation after allegation even if none of it is true, they can deem his administration is doomed, they are falling apart, they are in disarray, etc. when all they are doing is promoting their own personal agenda, to get rid of Trump, no matter the wreckage they cause, no matter the lies they spew and no matter the lives they put in jeopardy.

If you simply search social media you will not find one positive story from any, and I mean any, liberal news outlet regarding President Trump since he announced his intention to run for president as a Republican.  Recently he gave a medal to a soldier, and there was negative spin, then he spoke at the National Police Officers Memorial, again negative spin and just this weekend he gave a commencement speech, not surprisingly negative spin, nothing positive, nothing at all and the mainstream media isn’t about to reward any of his efforts, it goes against their core. These are just a couple examples of some positive things any president would expect to be at least recognized for doing, yet the liberal mainstream media (ABC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Politico, The Hill, etc. like I had to actually name them for you to know who I was referencing) is working together in an effort to delegitimize President Trump simply because their preferred candidate didn’t win.

That is all these daily attacks are about and they are planning on “convincing” the US and the world by using the squeaky wheel approach. The more you whine, complain, accuse, circumvent, attack someone the more you are able to more easily convince those susceptible to persuasion they are correct when all they are doing is colluding into one force to promote, propagandize, their deep desire to do anything to get Trump out.


The mainstream media will go to any length, at any cost, to oust Trump, even if it means installing a traitor/leaker into meetings at the White House, tapping phones lines, etc. and disclosing sensitive information which put American lives at risk. That is how deplorable these individuals are, they are willing to sacrifice Americans security to promote their agenda and it is becoming extremely obvious and dangerous.

Today there was a headline from Fox News outlining Democrats calling for Trump’s impeachment, and what is the allegation, that he fired someone he had absolute authority to fire, someone who every democrat now calling for impeachment wanted fired back in November. Can you say hypocrite! No, the left cannot possibly be subjected to an accusation of hypocrisy because they have removed that word from their collective minds, their collusive, propagandists, vitriolic, hateful minds.

They hope to persuade you that Trump is a liar, he is incompetent, he is a loose cannon, he is uneducated, and unsuccessful (never mind he is a billionaire, even proven by their poster-child Rachel Maddow’s bombshell disclosure of his tax returns). So what can you do? Well don’t believe the hype to borrow a term from old school rap group Public Enemy, don’t buy into what they are selling. This type of reporting didn’t work back in November and it certainly shouldn’t now, even if they are doubling, tripling down on their attacks.

Use your common sense, don’t buy into their clickbait, their irresponsible reporting, their complete lack of any moral compass and just don’t read their garbage. Even a child can see what the liberal mainstream media is up to, and that is how they treat the country, like little children who should follow and believe their every word. So, let’s agree to reciprocate, let’s treat them like children, the petulant children they are and simply ignore them and let them throw their tantrum for eight years then we will be ready for President Pence!

Hillary is living in another world!


Undoubtedly many of you read or saw the video wherein Ms. Bill Clinton told a group of women she would have won but for James Comey. Still lingering and festering about the November election results, she just can’t accept full and complete blame for her poorly run campaign and lack of any real policy commitment or ideas. She simply ran on the heels of her disastrous Secretary of State record. I’m serious, I dare one liberal to name one thing she did as Secretary of State or Senator of NY which was worthy of acknowledgment.


Liberals keep accusing Trump of still touting his election win, so what! You don’t think for one second Hillary would be talking about her win, heck Democrats can’t stop talking about the loss. Daily they complain about everything Trump and how Hillary got screwed by Comey and Russia – never mind the fact there is absolutely no proof of either. Recently on my Twitter page a clear troll alleged President Trump was the only one still talking about the election results…ha! Just watch CNN, MSNBC, ABCNEWS et al and you will see daily whining about the election results from liberals still in disbelief. It is so fun to watch the liberal tears fall.

So back to Hillary, for her to keep accusing others for her terrible outcome is just pathetic. Do you not recall how she sent out Podesta to tell her “followers” they would keep fighting and wait to see the results still come in while simultaneously conceding, behind their backs, to Trump. She is not a genuine person, clearly half the country saw that and to this day she continues to live in her fantasy land. It is funny now, but will some day soon be very sad.

The Truth about the James Comey firing – was it constitutional?


Liberal pundits are describing Trump’s recent firing of James Comey with irresponsible phrases such as “hint of fascism” “constitutional crisis” “something a dictator would do” “unprecedented” “illegal” – but is it all hyperbole, crocodile tears, partisan politics?

The Constitution (if you have ever read it) actually, clearly, legally and fully authorizes the President of the United States to fire persons within in the State Department, part of his cabinet, etc. See Article II Section I:  

The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.

See also, Article II, Section II, which states:

1: The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

2: He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments.

3: The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.

So liberals spewing their feigned indignation about the firing being unconstitutional is absolute and utter nonsense. They are simply playing politics. The President of the United States was acting upon the recommendation of the newly appointed Assistant Attorney General (the guy who would have to directly deal with the FBI Director on a daily basis). Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was confirmed by a vote of 94-6 in the Senate just two weeks ago, yes 94-6! That means the majority of both Democrats and Republicans held him as a distinctly qualified recommendation by the President. Keep in mind also that Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and a slew of other Democrats all wanted Comey out just a few scant months ago for re-opening the investigation into Hillary Clinton (due to Huma Abedin).

Democrats will have you believe that Trump is acting as a dictator. Where do dictators take advice from not only their Assistant Attorney General but the acting Attorney General to fire someone? They don’t they just act as they wish without advice from anyone. Even if he was going to do it anyway without the recommendation, it doesn’t make him a dictator you idiots. He has the absolute constitutional authority and both sides of the aisle at one point or another wanted Comey out anyway, so all the liberals spreading their false allegations of wrongdoing, illegal actions, demagoguery, unconstitutionality really expose them for what they truly are, sore losers, cry-babies, whiny little partisan cowards.


Side note: Elizabeth Warren apparently knows the reason was due to the Russian investigation – you know the one with absolutely no evidence whatsoever which shows Trump or anyone in his cabinet did anything illegal and which also fails to show Russia had anything to do with our November Presidential election result, of course Democrats will daily tell you they suspect something, and in the case of Warren, she actually knows! Really Elizabeth, you know throwing out an accusation against the President of the United States like that with no evidence to support is actually is a civil wrong, it is called defamation (slander).

The fact of the matter is Democrats are displaying their hypocrisy in full and clear view of the American people and we all notice. They are simply preaching to their sheep and the media is eating it up, spitting it back out, actually working in concert with liberals against Trump, it is more than obvious to anyone with a brain. However I suspect 46 people in the Senate and 188 Representatives are akin to the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz or at least don’t bother to use what God gave them.  Remember also last week how Hillary Clinton was blaming Comey for her loss in the election, yes just last week! Democrats all wanted Comey gone and Hillary would have done it on the first day if she had won.

I believe the reason for so much false outrage by the left is because the new FBI Director will inevitably review the information (something Fox News is already talking about) regarding Comey and the decision not to go after Hillary, and others. Remember, under Comey, her staffers were allowed to literally use hammers to destroy evidence with immunity.  I would love to see an indictment of Hillary and her cohorts after Comey’s clear error on July 5th.  Hillary, watch out dear!

Now let’s remember what happened the last time the mainstream media acted in concert with liberals…Trump Trump Trump!

Comey, Comey, Comey!


Remember the Brady Bunch kiddos!  Yesterday’s firing of James Comey and liberals reaction reminded me of Jan’s proverbial “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!” Every liberal in America is losing their minds over the firing but it is comically hypocritical due to their opinions about him last year when they were calling for his head due to his re-opening of the Hillary Clinton investigation.

Back then libs wanted Obama to fire him for meddling in the election and wanted Comey to go. Almost every Republican or Democrat at some point wanted his head and just because Trump had the audacity to actually do it, it drives liberals crazy! They will point to the timing of the firing, but you know what, who cares! The deputy AG, recently confirmed 96-4 by the Senate, was the one who recommended it happen. Does the timing really matter or did Trump do it just to further liberals incessant whining. Only Trump knows, but the fact of the matter is I don’t care.


This guy is gone, he should have been gone in on July 5th when he recommended no action against Hillary then he should have been gone when he re-opened the investigation. Comey clearly loves the limelight, he relished in the Congressional attention and that is simply not appropriate for the FBI Director.

Furthermore, didn’t Bill Clinton do the exact same thing to Jeff Sessions back in 1993? Oh how liberals tend to forget, nay skirt over the, FACTS! Trump is simply toying with the media, the liberal #fakenews and it drives them absolutely batty. It is going to be a fun 3 1/2 years, and definitely 7 1/2 if the media keeps up the crybaby nature of its’ “reporting.”

There are truly no journalists any longer, simply propaganda spewers. Trumps does it again and CNN, MSNBC, ABC and the rest are foolishly taking the bait. Trump isn’t brilliant but he knows how to get their goat!

Pornography, perceptions and partisanship.


Sometimes we might see an actor on television or in a movie and exclaim “who the heck is that?” I recently watched a comedy movie and it was clear that a character being showcased was meant to be, not a main character but, a meaningful character in the movie and the way he was presented we should take note of his scene.  The person I am referring to is Ron Jeremy. Some reading this may immediately recognize that name while others may say exactly what I put in quotes previously (who the heck is that). When those who know him explain to those who don’t, inevitably someone would say he’s a “Porn Star.” Now how they know who he is, no one necessarily needs to share, but I can tell you I can’t name a single porn star.

Look I’m no prude, of course in my lifetime I have seen an adult video or clip, I’m 45 years old and I’m not a saint, but can’t name a porn star. I can, however, name some “Adult Film Actors.” Two names I know are Jenna Jameson (she was on Bill O’Reilly once) and Mike Holmes (there was a movie loosely based on his life called Boogie Nights with Burt Reynolds, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Mark Wahlberg) but that is about the extent of my knowledge in that area.  Again not a prude and I have seen porn in my lifetime but I certainly didn’t want to know the actors’ names, etc. The purpose of this article is to decipher why we are partisan in our description of certain titles. What makes some of us give a different title to essentially the same thing?

Take for example the aforementioned Porn Star reference and juxtapose it with Adult Film Star. They essentially describe the same person except for one small difference to many. Many people don’t consider those who engage in pornography “stars.” Many people would say they are “adult film actors” while some may call them much more negative terms, but let’s just utilize these two terms for the purposes of this article. Now, why does it matter what we call them, i.e. Porn Star versus Adult Film Actor? Well, to start with, in my opinion, the term “star” implies more than what the actor deserves. The term star is meant to be a mostly positive connotation, a form of praise or adulation for someone who is accomplished.  Is it all that difficult to be a popular person, “a star,” as a young attractive female if you engage in detailed, graphic sex on screen? Of course not, every 14 year old boy on earth would love to see that and will google the name to see more, but to call her a star is a stretch. She is an actor, involved in pornography, but an actor, not a star. Does it take talent to engage in that activity, no! Believe it or not the two dumbest people on earth would find a way to have sex. Like I said, I am no prude, and I am not here to judge that actor but I won’t praise the behavior, because morally I disagree with pornography.

Again, I am no saint, I have engaged in numerous sins throughout my life but I recognize when it happens and I do what I need to in order to atone. I’m not here to preach to you, you may be agnostic or an atheist, my point is that titles can lead to certain perceptions. Would you want your 21 year old daughter to come home with a new boyfriend and when you ask him what he does for a living he proudly states he is a “porn star.” I am certain most fathers would not deem that young man who just walked in the door with their daughter a star, unless he was thinking, “yeah, more like ‘star’ of my next trip to the gun range.”

Should someone be praised for something you may not necessarily agree with?  I don’t mean to go off on a tangent here, I am just demonstrating how individuals might look at something like pornography. Obviously, some see it as disgusting, vile, a sin, while others might deem it art, seductive, intriguing. Personally I think porn kills love. I am going to give credit for that, I recently saw that phrase on a t-shirt and could not agree more. We are, mostly, all very interested in sex, it is human nature, it is very enjoyable but if you believe like I do, it is meant for a husband and wife. When we give a title like “porn star” to an actor, it glorifies that activity, calling them “adult film actors” doesn’t even demean them, but it changes the perception of the industry.


My article is not meant to be about pornography in general (sorry 14 year old boys, no nude pics here) but about perceptions. We are political here, clearly with a conservative skew. So on the prior topic I am not claiming that all liberals would call Jenna Jameson a Porn Star while all conservatives deem her an Adult Film Actress, but what about other terms and their partisan perceptions.

Take for example immigrants to our country who are here without obtaining citizenship. From the left we hear them called “undocumented immigrants” or “undocumented workers” while on the right “illegal aliens” or “illegal immigrants.” What is the difference? Undeniably each term holds a certain perception, depending upon your political affiliation. The left’s perception is that they are migrant workers here to seek freedom and pursuit of happiness (and to give us votes, lol).  On the other hand the conservatives might view them as M-13 gang members here to rape and rob our daughters and wives (all illegals are bad!).  (I don’t believe this by the way). You can see how simply giving a term to something tends to skew to your political direction/beliefs because of our perceptions.

Here are some common terms/phrases the left and right use to describe different activities while essentially meaning the same thing but depending upon who utters them they take on particular political connotations:

Rioting, Protesting, Demonstrating, Gathering, Marching, Bad Optics, Discouraged, Disappointed, Propaganda, Mercurial, Alt-Right, Alt-Left, Patriot, Tea Party, Reckless, Scandal, Unethical, Definition of what Sex is, Make America Great Again, Locker Room Talk, Bleachbit, Demagogue, Emails, Congress, Radical Islamic Terrorism, Refugee, Political Correctness, Deplorable, Hypocrisy, Fiasco, Transparent, Truthful, Wikileaks, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Mission Accomplished, Let me be clear, Trust me, Make no mistake, Victim, Triggered, Snowflake, Micro-Aggression, Free-Speech

Depending upon your political views, you probably have a version of each of the terms listed above with which you can appreciate and connect. The point of my article, and yes I troll on twitter all the time but I am doing it as satire, is to be cognizant of what you hear and the purpose behind the term. Know its definition, its use and how you perceive it, its’ nomenclature. Don’t just use just one term over and again as a talking point, let the politicians do that.

Sometimes we fall prey to the normalization of words or terms which have completely separate perceptions depending upon the origination of utterance, so all I’m suggesting is that before you use one term for something maybe use an alternative term to shake things up.  So instead of Porn Star or Adult Film Actor maybe you describe them as a Person Engaged in Coitus For Monetary Gain and Scant Celebrity.

Stacy Adams

Does the 1st Amendment only apply to liberals? Are Liberals anti-Free Speech?

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 2.09.58 PMWith the recent Ann Coulter/Berkeley situation it leaves those of us patriots out there wondering, are Liberal anti-free-speech? Look at Milo, Ben Shapiro and other conservatives who have encountered hate, riots, looting, even a shooting in Seattle. What in the hell is going on.

If someone is delivering a speech you don’t approve of, don’t go, it’s a simple response. But to go to the location, engage anyone you believe to be a supporter of that speaker and threaten, then follow through with, violence, doesn’t make you a protestor, rather you are a rioter and a fascist. People who act in that way are what liberals supposedly stand against.

Ms. Coulter, Mr. Yiannopoulos, Mr. Shapiro and yes, even Michael Moore, all have a right to speak about their politics.  The typical liberal cop-out is to claim the political speech is “hate” speech. Really, or is it just speech you dislike. Not one of these speakers being protested is promoting hate, not a one! They are promoting conservatism and when liberals attack a political view as hate, who is the hateful person. I haven’t seen any evidence in any of the conservative speeches where hate or violence is promoted, unlike what we recently saw from the libs own Loretta Lynch or what we hear from Mr. Farrakhan. Do liberals think those speeches (ones that say black men should rise up and kill if necessary along with Ms. Lynch’s promotion of anti-trump riots) are riddled with hate. Of course they don’t because they aren’t conservatives. It is hypocrisy at its highest, but they don’t realize we notice this hypocrisy, that is exactly why they lost.

The First Amendment protects everyone, not just liberals. Liberals who promote violent opposition to others that don’t agree with them are like Nazis. Yeah, I said it, if you are coming to a speech, promoting violence and utilizing violence to stop the speech you don’t agree with you are a hate-monger, you are a hypocritical idiot. Liberals only cite to the First Amendment when it serves their purposes and agenda, clearly it doesn’t apply to free-speech from conservatives.


Democrats always think tax cuts are a bad idea!


Today President Trump (still can’t believe I am writing that!! suck it Hillary) signed his new tax plan. Immediately leftists across our great country slammed the president for only cutting taxes for the only the rich, never mind the actual truth. While he did cut taxes for high income earners, estimated from 39.6% to 35% rate, his plan would also end the estate tax (where the government get to double tax you essentially – even though you paid taxes on the money you earned, when you go to give it to your heirs they want another tax – a complete garbage grab by the greedy government and liberals, of course, have an issue with it). Additionally, and this is huge for capitalism (you know what keeps our country strong) his plan cuts the tax for business owners from 35% to 15%. This assists business owners who have large overhead (payroll, expenses, etc.) to turn a larger profit thereby stimulating the economy. Also, married couples would not pay taxes on the first $24,000 of income. These are all huuuuuge cuts for everyone, not a single group.

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While calling it good and bad, the best argument libs could come up with was how it “might” affect the deficit, you see no one knows so therefore it is automatically bad becuase a Republican president signed it. Never mind our last president, I forget his legacy..err name, more than doubled our deficit (more than the last 3 presidents combined). So if there is any ambiguity in how the tax plan “might” affect the deficit, it is bad according to liberals. Truly they are reaching here, Trump has done more than Obama did in his first 4 years to this point but alas the mainstream media must hound Trump daily. Of course the only “experts” offering opinions are from extreme left universities, shocker a liberal professor doesn’t agree with Trump. Who is the billionaire again? One report went so far as to vaguely admit the plan’s ability to stimulate “While lower taxes can lead to higher growth, there’s also a ‘fiscal drag,” said a super liberal Trump hating tax professor at Columbia Law School. Funny how no conservative economists were interviewed. Of course ABC News and other leftist propaganda spewing anti-trump outlets are bashing tax cuts of all things. Here is what FoxNews had about the tax plan

So like I said to start, libs always complain about any tax cuts a republican implements, what’s next are they going to complain about babies? Oh wait…#abortion #plannedparenthood.

I say great job Trump, what could possibly be wrong with lowering taxes? Oh yeah, a liberal didn’t do it!

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The Media’s Take on Hillary’s First 100 Days….if she had won

trumpDaily the media bashes President Trump and all he “hasn’t done” in the First 100 Days (in the latest graphs coming out we see 87% negative coverage by the media). The First 100 Days has been a benchmark going back a number of presidents, is it fair, is it any kind of representation of what each individual’s presidency will be, no, it is simply a superficial marker of progress.

Never mind how the media is viewing Trump each day, let’s take a very hypothetical view of how the media would have fawned over Hillary had she won the Presidential Election of 2016, the days following all leading up to her A++ rating on her first 100 days.

After election night, I suspect, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, George Stephanopouloss and Wolf Blitzer would have had one on one’s with Hillary within the first several days after her victory. They would have talked transition plans, vague policy ideas and most importantly how she would decorate the Oval office and bedrooms and what kind of lovely little dog she might get to join her and Bill and Chelsea. There would a little reminiscing over her time there as FLOTUS but now that she was POTUS how things would take on more of her female decorum. There would be talk of purple and teal placemats in the dining rooms, the new furniture being ordered, interviews with the new kitchen staff, what sheets she would be sleeping in, when her grandkids would visit (oh how adorable they are).

Then it would be off to do Ellen, Oprah, then Colbert, Fallon and the rest. The media would have daily cheered and gleefully chastised Trump on what an abysmal failure he and his campaign were and how the GOP was done and Democrats should only expect real competition from new up and coming third parties.

Finally, MSNBC, CNN and ABC news would all have special behind-the-scenes access to the inauguration, the balls, what would be served, what type of dessert and wine, then there would be a special with the female winemaker chosen to serve at the inauguration, then another special on the tapestry maker, then the media would find some female waiter who was barely making ends meet before the campaign (never mind Obama was to blame) tell her story about how much of an honor it was to serve President Hillary Clinton and the glorious banquets, and what a representative she was to women everywhere.

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Then, of course, there would have been the inauguration, the comparisons to Obama’s crowds, the marching bands, an all-female musical performance (think Dixie Chicks). The media would’ve compared Bill’s inaugurations to Hillary’s and shown them holding hands and canoodling with each other like they were back in Arkansas (before the rapes, or was that after, I forget…) and what a wonderful couple they were, how they withstood such controversies to form a solid bond…yada yada yada.

After the inauguration, I suspect Hillary would have taken a couple of days off to recuperate then had an exclusive with Diane Sawyers and shown her around the White House over the course of three one hour specials airing nightly. Finally, after Hannity and O’Reilly’s incessant bashing of her over not doing anything she would have picked her SCOTUS replacement, then her new FBI director (like she would’ve kept Comey even if she had won) and then talked about how Wasserman-Schulz was a perfect fit for Secretary of Education due to her morals, and how Obama himself might play a small role as an advisor.


She would then talk about (not actually do any of this) how she was going to begin to fulfill her campaign promises and each network would miraculously pick just one of her promises (all of them would pick the same one) and hammer that over and again on nightly broadcasts talking about how it was clear she was steadfast in her resolve to get that one promise fulfilled (even though it would never actually happen). “Next on Hardball, Hillary’s grand efforts to fix …” um what was it again, anyway, they would as a team of sorts run with one narrative, one talking point, beat it to death, then Hillary would make some small gesture to try and get some work done on it and NBC would congratulate her with a 3 episode inside look at how to run Washington from a woman’s point of view, finally concluding “and the effort she is putting in just shows how her experience is benefitting every American” despite the fact she hadn’t yet done anything.

Then it would be announced on every network, “ABC news in a recent poll [polling data conveniently left out] found 98% of Americans believe Hillary is performing, only slightly lower than Obama at this point in his first 100 days” (you know because he was the second coming of Christ!). Hillary would only give one on one interviews with the press, completely ignore Fox News, have her new Press Secretary Loretta Lynch (yeah, press secretary, because she likes to talk) tell everyone how hard Hillary is working so much so that no one has even seen her in the White House. The media would dote over how great of a president she already is, how she is easily going to win re-election and (it wouldn’t matter if she has reached any of her campaign goals yet), the Republican Congress was to blame on keeping her from her promises and how they were just spiteful because a woman ran and won, and how sexist Congress had become.

Hillary would still not have given any press conferences, due “to her busy schedule.” She would, however, have had an opportunity to host dinner for a few Middle Eastern Princes and would announce how the Clinton Foundation exceeded its donations this year already compared to all it accrued during the campaign. She would also announce, via her new AG (Loretta Lynch got that better gig) how Republicans were going to be investigated for numerous campaign violations, how valuable the UN was, what a good friend we have in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and our great relationship with the Palestinians, leaving out any mention of Netanyahu or Israel of course. She would dote on Putin and how her experience as Secretary of State enabled her the ability to communicate with him as only she could and how he was respecting her already (never mind he was bombing away with impunity – not reported by the media).

The media would have, during this first 100 days, deemed her a better president than her husband (and of course he would be agreeing all the way because her re-election meant more interns for him) but how her abilities as president were just short of Obama at this point.  However, they would be sure to point out, she was fast approaching Obama as an equal, on her way to clearly being the best president ever. Grandiose parties would be attended by Hollywood elite and media moguls. George Soros would make a personal appearance and would be presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a standing room only ovation, Meryl Streep right up front. Does all this sound about right?

Whew, thank God the Lord Almighty none of that happened. Can you imagine this wretched haggard woman running our country, having performed 1/100th of what Trump has done to this point only to be praised and honored by the mainstream media. What a world we live in when these underdog candidates keep sticking it to the mainstream and the mainstream is oblivious and keeps up with its tactics to no avail, I mean look at France. Viva la France, Viva la Trump! God Bless America!!!!