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DailyLibs is your go-to source for news, stories, comments, blogs, memes and more regarding the absolute lunacy of the left. Do Liberals believe in Free Speech? Do Liberals believe in free everything? If a Liberal protests in the woods, how long does it take for a bear to eat them?

DailyLibs is your humorous source for the daily mocking of liberals, because aren’t there already enough anti-conservative sources out there for liberals to go snuggle with, cough, umm Occupydemocrats, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, the Young Turks, and more.

Here is your conservative source focusing on exposing the irrational, hateful, liberal ideology and indoctrination occurring daily, DailyLibs.com. Just so you know, we don’t personally follow or promote any specific Conservative sites, all the views expressed here are independent and from conservatives across the country. If a conservative group promotes hate, restricts free speech, intimidates, pushes violence against others, we condemn them as we are promoting rational debate, with an obvious skew towards the conservative side and humorous rip on the left. A ton of our friends are liberals, we just like to point out their faults, lol!

BTW: Go ahead Libs, troll away, we welcome opposing views, we don’t strike down those who disagree with us because we actually believe the First Amendment applies to everyone…as does the 2nd, wink wink!