Gun Shooting – Vegas


Over a week ago now, there was a horrific gun shooting in Las Vegas. On Thursday, I’ll be traveling there for some family matters. While there I intend to visit the site and pay my respects. I have stayed at the Mandalay Bay and been to Vegas many times. There are no words you can put together to ease the suffering of those families who lost loved ones. I’m sorry is all you can say.

What can we do, however, is turning into a political duel, as expected. From Trump, Republicans to the NRA the left blames everyone but the shooter.  Look this guy, from what we have gathered, clearly planned this event, and you know what else he was a freaking democrat! Imagine just for a moment had the shooter been a registered Republican, the MainStream Media would be having a field day but alas it is barely even mentionable that he was a liberal.

Now what were his motives? If you don’t know that by now, you are extremely dense. He was an unhinged liberal targeting what would be expected to be (although not always) a conservative concert, namely Country Music.  Typically fans of Country music tend to be Republicans, so what better location/event for a crazy, nut-bag liberal to attack conservatives.  It isn’t rocket science, it is patently obvious.

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Now I carry most places I go and for any liberal to say I can’t I say, pound sound snowflake. Just because you aren’t used to guns, have never held one, seen one, shot one, doesn’t give you any right to restrict my freedom to protect my family. I haven’t used, smoked or eaten weed but I don’t tell you what to do with it or that you can’t have it! It’s the same logic and makes more sense when we talk about other drugs like cocaine and heroin. Why, well because they are illegal, yet people still somehow get ahold of those. Same goes for guns, if your argument is to take away our guns, don’t you know those who will still have them will, duh, be the criminal element of society.  This liberal talking point is just ridiculous. USA, LLC

I give thoughts and prayers to the families because I personally believe that prayer does work, I don’t give a rats’ behind what whiny snowflake liberals think about that.

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