Comey Testimony Blows Up In Liberals’ Faces!


Yesterday Former FBI Director, as everyone well knows, testified in an open hearing questioned by Senators. If you noticed the exchange between most was cordial but especially so for Democrat Senators. It was obvious they wished to charm and salivate over Mr. Comey, yet his testimony was lackluster for their cause to say the least.

Mr. Comey for the first time disclosed he prompted the leak of some allegedly contemporaneously written memos to his meeting with President Trump the day after Mr. Flynn was fired. Mr. Comey indicated he leaked the information in response to a tweet put out by POTUS indicating there may be some tapes and he wanted to get ahead of any speculation regarding his credibility, oh and additionally to prompt the appointment of a special prosecutor to his delight.


Couple of issues with this: 1) apparently he was easily forced to follow former AG Lynch’s direction to quash the investigation into Hillary Clinton, yet he never leaked that information or wanted a special prosecutor appointed, and 2) the alleged tweet put out by POTUS regarding the tapes and then Comey’s attempt to establish the memos were written contemporaneous to the meeting have timing issues.  Either Mr. Comey is mistaken or fabricated the entire reason for the leak to the media, via his liberal Columbia Law Professor friend. You see POTUS’ private lawyer pointed out portions of the leaked memos were already being discussed by the New York Times prior to POTUS’ tapes tweet, oops.  So Mr. Comey’s story about awaking in the middle of night to get those out is false, unless he awoke in the middle of the night and summoned the doc from back to the future to take him back three days and give them to the New York Times.  Comey is clearly incorrect here and lied in his testimony.

Mr. Comey’s testimony was also an effort by him to establish credibility and many in the mainstream media seemingly have given him credence, however, let’s break down a couple of issues.  Mr. Comey used the words “Lordy” “Queasy” and “Captain Courageous” at various times in his testimony to, ostensibly, establish he was akin to a boy scout a meager little worker bee, however, would he be the director of the best criminal investigatory agency in the world if he was as meek as he played.  Of course not, it was a ploy to give self-deprecate and establish a rapport with those questioning him, he is no dummy and I’m sure is well aware of how to manipulate the room as a witness. It’s funny how no media outlets have picked up on this.  Additionally he said he gave in to Former AG Lynch when she directed him to call the Hillary investigation a “matter” instead saying it wasn’t a hill worth dying on.  Again, with that disclosure he appears to play the meek shy character when he is nothing of the sort, look back at his past to see how fierce of a prosecutor he really is, yet liberals the media, and many conservatives are fooled by this new persona.

Another questionable issue is that Mr. Comey stated even before he met POTUS he didn’t trust him, he felt he was a liar so he wanted to memorialize every conversation.  If he had this preconceived view of POTUS it is clear anything POTUS said to him was going to be scrutinized by him and exaggerated.  Mr. Comey had and still has an agenda, a party loyalty, clearly.  A couple of other issues here as well: 1) he didn’t memorialize any other communications with his previous superiors or other calls with POTUS, only the alleged “I hope you’ll let this go” conversation, and 2) it was supposedly after the tweet by POTUS about tapes that he sent his contemporaneously written memos to his friend at Columbia to leak to the press (which we again know to be a lie because the press was already leaking the contents of the alleged memo prior to the POTUS tweet).

Additionally, Mr. Comey clearly leaked those memos (whether you believe they were written the day of the conversation with POTUS or after he was fired really remains to be accurately and truthfully established) in retaliation for being fired. He leaked them to a liberal friend to a well-know anti-Trump liberal news outlet, if you can’t see the blatant bias here you are blind.  Mr. Comey also, as Senator Rubio astutely pointed out, only leaked information Mr. Comey wanted leaked, for example he did not leak the fact POTUS was not personally under investigation! If Comey was leaking to establish credibility and his boy scout persona is to be believed, why did he leave that out. This was about Comey and nothing more, a selfish, arrogant, hurt little petulant child trying to get back at POTUS for being fired, nothing more.

One last issue with Mr. Comey is that when he was fired via POTUS’ memo to him POTUS indicated he was informed 3 separate times by Mr. Comey POTUS was not under investigation.  When pressed on that statement in the memo, originally Mr. Comey stated it was false and that would not ever be disclosed to someone, however, in yesterday’s hearing he clearly indicated POTUS’ version was in fact true.  So for those liberals running on the supposed credibility of Mr. Comey, tread lightly because we all heard what he said as well and can judge for ourselves and clearly Mr. Comey is playing politics, and is a scorned ex-employee with a retaliatory axe to grind.  Your obstruction of justice narrative is going kaput as fast as that Russia collusion theory.