Liberals plan to impeach Trump!


It is no surprise that since his inauguration President Donald Trump has faced increasing criticism. From day one, the mainstream media called his inauguration speech divisive, they made fun of the crowd size (failing to mention numerous parties of protestors/rioters were blocking entryways to the mall), they have criticized every single little step he has made. Just the other day CNN ran a story about how many scoops of ice cream he got compared to others, I mean really, that is news! That is promoting ideology and propaganda, not news.

What the liberal mainstream media, in collusion with the DNC, have planned since November 9th is to personally, aggressively and daily attack President Trump. There have been a vast number of attention grabbing headlines when in the end the “sources” didn’t pan out and the stories were proven false. But this is the mantra of the liberals, they don’t care what it takes, they plan to oust him at all costs.

Take for example the recent Washington Post allegation that Trump shared “classified” information with the Russians referencing an “unnamed source.” The Washington Post doesn’t actually care if any of it is true, they want the headline, they want to create a false scandal and all other liberal outlets are in collusion. Three people who were in the meeting denied any such conversation regarding classified information was provided to Russia, yet every single liberal news organization grabbed the headline and ran with it, they don’t care if there is any veracity to the allegation, they just want the allegation. You see they figure if they continue to make allegation after allegation even if none of it is true, they can deem his administration is doomed, they are falling apart, they are in disarray, etc. when all they are doing is promoting their own personal agenda, to get rid of Trump, no matter the wreckage they cause, no matter the lies they spew and no matter the lives they put in jeopardy.

If you simply search social media you will not find one positive story from any, and I mean any, liberal news outlet regarding President Trump since he announced his intention to run for president as a Republican.  Recently he gave a medal to a soldier, and there was negative spin, then he spoke at the National Police Officers Memorial, again negative spin and just this weekend he gave a commencement speech, not surprisingly negative spin, nothing positive, nothing at all and the mainstream media isn’t about to reward any of his efforts, it goes against their core. These are just a couple examples of some positive things any president would expect to be at least recognized for doing, yet the liberal mainstream media (ABC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Politico, The Hill, etc. like I had to actually name them for you to know who I was referencing) is working together in an effort to delegitimize President Trump simply because their preferred candidate didn’t win.

That is all these daily attacks are about and they are planning on “convincing” the US and the world by using the squeaky wheel approach. The more you whine, complain, accuse, circumvent, attack someone the more you are able to more easily convince those susceptible to persuasion they are correct when all they are doing is colluding into one force to promote, propagandize, their deep desire to do anything to get Trump out.


The mainstream media will go to any length, at any cost, to oust Trump, even if it means installing a traitor/leaker into meetings at the White House, tapping phones lines, etc. and disclosing sensitive information which put American lives at risk. That is how deplorable these individuals are, they are willing to sacrifice Americans security to promote their agenda and it is becoming extremely obvious and dangerous.

Today there was a headline from Fox News outlining Democrats calling for Trump’s impeachment, and what is the allegation, that he fired someone he had absolute authority to fire, someone who every democrat now calling for impeachment wanted fired back in November. Can you say hypocrite! No, the left cannot possibly be subjected to an accusation of hypocrisy because they have removed that word from their collective minds, their collusive, propagandists, vitriolic, hateful minds.

They hope to persuade you that Trump is a liar, he is incompetent, he is a loose cannon, he is uneducated, and unsuccessful (never mind he is a billionaire, even proven by their poster-child Rachel Maddow’s bombshell disclosure of his tax returns). So what can you do? Well don’t believe the hype to borrow a term from old school rap group Public Enemy, don’t buy into what they are selling. This type of reporting didn’t work back in November and it certainly shouldn’t now, even if they are doubling, tripling down on their attacks.

Use your common sense, don’t buy into their clickbait, their irresponsible reporting, their complete lack of any moral compass and just don’t read their garbage. Even a child can see what the liberal mainstream media is up to, and that is how they treat the country, like little children who should follow and believe their every word. So, let’s agree to reciprocate, let’s treat them like children, the petulant children they are and simply ignore them and let them throw their tantrum for eight years then we will be ready for President Pence!

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