Hillary is living in another world!


Undoubtedly many of you read or saw the video wherein Ms. Bill Clinton told a group of women she would have won but for James Comey. Still lingering and festering about the November election results, she just can’t accept full and complete blame for her poorly run campaign and lack of any real policy commitment or ideas. She simply ran on the heels of her disastrous Secretary of State record. I’m serious, I dare one liberal to name one thing she did as Secretary of State or Senator of NY which was worthy of acknowledgment.


Liberals keep accusing Trump of still touting his election win, so what! You don’t think for one second Hillary would be talking about her win, heck Democrats can’t stop talking about the loss. Daily they complain about everything Trump and how Hillary got screwed by Comey and Russia – never mind the fact there is absolutely no proof of either. Recently on my Twitter page a clear troll alleged President Trump was the only one still talking about the election results…ha! Just watch CNN, MSNBC, ABCNEWS et al and you will see daily whining about the election results from liberals still in disbelief. It is so fun to watch the liberal tears fall.


So back to Hillary, for her to keep accusing others for her terrible outcome is just pathetic. Do you not recall how she sent out Podesta to tell her “followers” they would keep fighting and wait to see the results still come in while simultaneously conceding, behind their backs, to Trump. She is not a genuine person, clearly half the country saw that and to this day she continues to live in her fantasy land. It is funny now, but will some day soon be very sad.

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