Does the 1st Amendment only apply to liberals? Are Liberals anti-Free Speech?

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 2.09.58 PMWith the recent Ann Coulter/Berkeley situation it leaves those of us patriots out there wondering, are Liberal anti-free-speech? Look at Milo, Ben Shapiro and other conservatives who have encountered hate, riots, looting, even a shooting in Seattle. What in the hell is going on.

If someone is delivering a speech you don’t approve of, don’t go, it’s a simple response. But to go to the location, engage anyone you believe to be a supporter of that speaker and threaten, then follow through with, violence, doesn’t make you a protestor, rather you are a rioter and a fascist. People who act in that way are what liberals supposedly stand against.

Ms. Coulter, Mr. Yiannopoulos, Mr. Shapiro and yes, even Michael Moore, all have a right to speak about their politics.  The typical liberal cop-out is to claim the political speech is “hate” speech. Really, or is it just speech you dislike. Not one of these speakers being protested is promoting hate, not a one! They are promoting conservatism and when liberals attack a political view as hate, who is the hateful person. I haven’t seen any evidence in any of the conservative speeches where hate or violence is promoted, unlike what we recently saw from the libs own Loretta Lynch or what we hear from Mr. Farrakhan. Do liberals think those speeches (ones that say black men should rise up and kill if necessary along with Ms. Lynch’s promotion of anti-trump riots) are riddled with hate. Of course they don’t because they aren’t conservatives. It is hypocrisy at its highest, but they don’t realize we notice this hypocrisy, that is exactly why they lost.

The First Amendment protects everyone, not just liberals. Liberals who promote violent opposition to others that don’t agree with them are like Nazis. Yeah, I said it, if you are coming to a speech, promoting violence and utilizing violence to stop the speech you don’t agree with you are a hate-monger, you are a hypocritical idiot. Liberals only cite to the First Amendment when it serves their purposes and agenda, clearly it doesn’t apply to free-speech from conservatives.


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