Democrats always think tax cuts are a bad idea!


Today President Trump (still can’t believe I am writing that!! suck it Hillary) signed his new tax plan. Immediately leftists across our great country slammed the president for only cutting taxes for the only the rich, never mind the actual truth. While he did cut taxes for high income earners, estimated from 39.6% to 35% rate, his plan would also end the estate tax (where the government get to double tax you essentially – even though you paid taxes on the money you earned, when you go to give it to your heirs they want another tax – a complete garbage grab by the greedy government and liberals, of course, have an issue with it). Additionally, and this is huge for capitalism (you know what keeps our country strong) his plan cuts the tax for business owners from 35% to 15%. This assists business owners who have large overhead (payroll, expenses, etc.) to turn a larger profit thereby stimulating the economy. Also, married couples would not pay taxes on the first $24,000 of income. These are all huuuuuge cuts for everyone, not a single group.

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While calling it good and bad, the best argument libs could come up with was how it “might” affect the deficit, you see no one knows so therefore it is automatically bad becuase a Republican president signed it. Never mind our last president, I forget his legacy..err name, more than doubled our deficit (more than the last 3 presidents combined). So if there is any ambiguity in how the tax plan “might” affect the deficit, it is bad according to liberals. Truly they are reaching here, Trump has done more than Obama did in his first 4 years to this point but alas the mainstream media must hound Trump daily. Of course the only “experts” offering opinions are from extreme left universities, shocker a liberal professor doesn’t agree with Trump. Who is the billionaire again? One report went so far as to vaguely admit the plan’s ability to stimulate “While lower taxes can lead to higher growth, there’s also a ‘fiscal drag,” said a super liberal Trump hating tax professor at Columbia Law School. Funny how no conservative economists were interviewed. Of course ABC News and other leftist propaganda spewing anti-trump outlets are bashing tax cuts of all things. Here is what FoxNews had about the tax plan

So like I said to start, libs always complain about any tax cuts a republican implements, what’s next are they going to complain about babies? Oh wait…#abortion #plannedparenthood.

I say great job Trump, what could possibly be wrong with lowering taxes? Oh yeah, a liberal didn’t do it!

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