The Media’s Take on Hillary’s First 100 Days….if she had won

trumpDaily the media bashes President Trump and all he “hasn’t done” in the First 100 Days (in the latest graphs coming out we see 87% negative coverage by the media). The First 100 Days has been a benchmark going back a number of presidents, is it fair, is it any kind of representation of what each individual’s presidency will be, no, it is simply a superficial marker of progress.

Never mind how the media is viewing Trump each day, let’s take a very hypothetical view of how the media would have fawned over Hillary had she won the Presidential Election of 2016, the days following all leading up to her A++ rating on her first 100 days.

After election night, I suspect, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, George Stephanopouloss and Wolf Blitzer would have had one on one’s with Hillary within the first several days after her victory. They would have talked transition plans, vague policy ideas and most importantly how she would decorate the Oval office and bedrooms and what kind of lovely little dog she might get to join her and Bill and Chelsea. There would a little reminiscing over her time there as FLOTUS but now that she was POTUS how things would take on more of her female decorum. There would be talk of purple and teal placemats in the dining rooms, the new furniture being ordered, interviews with the new kitchen staff, what sheets she would be sleeping in, when her grandkids would visit (oh how adorable they are).

Then it would be off to do Ellen, Oprah, then Colbert, Fallon and the rest. The media would have daily cheered and gleefully chastised Trump on what an abysmal failure he and his campaign were and how the GOP was done and Democrats should only expect real competition from new up and coming third parties.

Finally, MSNBC, CNN and ABC news would all have special behind-the-scenes access to the inauguration, the balls, what would be served, what type of dessert and wine, then there would be a special with the female winemaker chosen to serve at the inauguration, then another special on the tapestry maker, then the media would find some female waiter who was barely making ends meet before the campaign (never mind Obama was to blame) tell her story about how much of an honor it was to serve President Hillary Clinton and the glorious banquets, and what a representative she was to women everywhere.

Hat Country LLC

Then, of course, there would have been the inauguration, the comparisons to Obama’s crowds, the marching bands, an all-female musical performance (think Dixie Chicks). The media would’ve compared Bill’s inaugurations to Hillary’s and shown them holding hands and canoodling with each other like they were back in Arkansas (before the rapes, or was that after, I forget…) and what a wonderful couple they were, how they withstood such controversies to form a solid bond…yada yada yada.

After the inauguration, I suspect Hillary would have taken a couple of days off to recuperate then had an exclusive with Diane Sawyers and shown her around the White House over the course of three one hour specials airing nightly. Finally, after Hannity and O’Reilly’s incessant bashing of her over not doing anything she would have picked her SCOTUS replacement, then her new FBI director (like she would’ve kept Comey even if she had won) and then talked about how Wasserman-Schulz was a perfect fit for Secretary of Education due to her morals, and how Obama himself might play a small role as an advisor.


She would then talk about (not actually do any of this) how she was going to begin to fulfill her campaign promises and each network would miraculously pick just one of her promises (all of them would pick the same one) and hammer that over and again on nightly broadcasts talking about how it was clear she was steadfast in her resolve to get that one promise fulfilled (even though it would never actually happen). “Next on Hardball, Hillary’s grand efforts to fix …” um what was it again, anyway, they would as a team of sorts run with one narrative, one talking point, beat it to death, then Hillary would make some small gesture to try and get some work done on it and NBC would congratulate her with a 3 episode inside look at how to run Washington from a woman’s point of view, finally concluding “and the effort she is putting in just shows how her experience is benefitting every American” despite the fact she hadn’t yet done anything.

Then it would be announced on every network, “ABC news in a recent poll [polling data conveniently left out] found 98% of Americans believe Hillary is performing, only slightly lower than Obama at this point in his first 100 days” (you know because he was the second coming of Christ!). Hillary would only give one on one interviews with the press, completely ignore Fox News, have her new Press Secretary Loretta Lynch (yeah, press secretary, because she likes to talk) tell everyone how hard Hillary is working so much so that no one has even seen her in the White House. The media would dote over how great of a president she already is, how she is easily going to win re-election and (it wouldn’t matter if she has reached any of her campaign goals yet), the Republican Congress was to blame on keeping her from her promises and how they were just spiteful because a woman ran and won, and how sexist Congress had become.

Hillary would still not have given any press conferences, due “to her busy schedule.” She would, however, have had an opportunity to host dinner for a few Middle Eastern Princes and would announce how the Clinton Foundation exceeded its donations this year already compared to all it accrued during the campaign. She would also announce, via her new AG (Loretta Lynch got that better gig) how Republicans were going to be investigated for numerous campaign violations, how valuable the UN was, what a good friend we have in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and our great relationship with the Palestinians, leaving out any mention of Netanyahu or Israel of course. She would dote on Putin and how her experience as Secretary of State enabled her the ability to communicate with him as only she could and how he was respecting her already (never mind he was bombing away with impunity – not reported by the media).

The media would have, during this first 100 days, deemed her a better president than her husband (and of course he would be agreeing all the way because her re-election meant more interns for him) but how her abilities as president were just short of Obama at this point.  However, they would be sure to point out, she was fast approaching Obama as an equal, on her way to clearly being the best president ever. Grandiose parties would be attended by Hollywood elite and media moguls. George Soros would make a personal appearance and would be presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a standing room only ovation, Meryl Streep right up front. Does all this sound about right?

Whew, thank God the Lord Almighty none of that happened. Can you imagine this wretched haggard woman running our country, having performed 1/100th of what Trump has done to this point only to be praised and honored by the mainstream media. What a world we live in when these underdog candidates keep sticking it to the mainstream and the mainstream is oblivious and keeps up with its tactics to no avail, I mean look at France. Viva la France, Viva la Trump! God Bless America!!!!

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