When CNN asked AG Sessions if he would prosecute media outlets his response blew them away…

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.18.02 AMCNN, America’s #1 source for liberal propaganda and indoctrination held an interview with AG Jeff Sessions regarding his goal to go after Wikileaks and Julian Assange for its, arguably, illegal activities.

When asked about Mr. Assange and the rumors swirling about the justice department’s preparation of charges against him, CNN’s Kate Bolduan asked Mr. Sessions if he would go after news outlets like “CNN and the New York Times” (two of the most left leaning news outlets in existence).

Mr. Sessions response was that it was speculative to assume he would or would not and he was not going to comment. Wow!


Ha ha ha! You could almost imagine her taking a big gulp, knowing all too well she would be spewing her liberal hatred later in that hour on all things anti-Trump.

Hey Sessions is a unique character to say the least, but when she basically asked him, “hey aren’t we above the law” he mater-of-factly told her “HELL no!”

CNN and New York Times, you have clearly been warned “whenever a case can be made we will seek to put some people [i.e. you lying propagandists] in jail.” I mean what could be better than brining him on, taunting him with your holier than thou question and then having it batted right back down your pie hole!

Happy Friday Patriots!!!



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