Are liberal strongholds immoral? Did that impact the Election of 2016?


From Seattle to San Francisco to New York City, are these liberal strongholds completely immoral. Does morality mean anything in these cities? Do they even care what morality is, is it important to them? I’ll answer the question, no, not at all and they will vehemently attack anyone who disagrees with them. They are not subject to morality because that is fascism.

Seattle has a Summer Solstice parade and cheerfully flaunt fully naked women and men in a parade right in front of children. San Francisco’s pride parades are filled with dildos, naked men and more. To each is own is a common response, but what does this type of implicit immoral behavior teach our children?

How is watching a naked man with a dildo in his mouth sharing it with his partner walking down a city street with thousands of others teaching a child of 4 years old “acceptance!” It isn’t, it is indoctrination, nothing more. Sexual behavior should be kept between the people involved and not openly displayed for all to see, but liberals will instinctively call you a homophobe or a racist or a hate-monger if you dare provide a contrary opinion to this type of leftist indoctrination of children.


If you want to teach your children to be accepting of others, then that is no problem but does accomplishing that goal mean having a small child watch a group of people in a parade simulate sexual acts to “celebrate” their lifestyle.  Just by asking this question and putting it online, I will inevitably be attacked as being all the things liberal love to spew about people who question their values and morals, but I don’t give a rats ass, hate away you hypocritical fascists.

How many times have you seen someone supporting a political candidate be attacked, physically just for their views. The leftists will justify their actions as stopping “hate.”The liberal view it that supporting a candidate opposite their political views is promoting “hate.” It is a sad state of affairs.

Immorality breeds illegal behavior which breeds anarchy. Just look at Berkeley for example, a conservative cannot even hold a speech without people who “disagree” with their views physically attacking their supporters. The same happened in Seattle.

When one side spews its message as love and tolerance and enlightened only to attack opposing views, that is fascism, the very thing they allege of the right. Actions are what drive the educated, not veiled words of tolerance. When you display the do what I say not as I do mentality, people notice. When you claim to be part of a more educated, tolerant, accepting group but keep those out who question your moral character, you are the hate monger. Liberals hate opposing views and those that will not accept everything they promote.

So San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, keep up with your immoral activities, I think you might be surprised at the result.  Did you just happen to see a “shoe-in” get pounded in the Electoral College? Do you know why that happened? No it isn’t because 65 million+ people are misogynists, racists, homophobes, it is because America is tired of the immorality being promoted and even championed in these cities. Keep it up and you will continue to be disappointed every election day.


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