Trump opens up private doctors to help veterans

On Wednesday, President Trump signed a bill (Veterans Choice Program Extension) to allow for veterans to seek private care rather than go through the myriad of holdups, delays and denials via the Department of Veteran Affairs (aka VA).  trump-signs-bill-allowing-veterans-to-seek-care-outside-broken-va-system

The bill will enable veterans to get the care they need and not have to travel hours upon hours to their local VA. I’m sorry libs, but this is great for vets especially those in desperate need of medical care who have been ignored or forgotten thus far by the VA. The bill will also enable greater ease in sharing medical records, speeding up VA payments and cutting down those long lines vets face for care.

Remember that campaign promise to do exactly this, well Trump is proving good on many promises so far and it is literally (okay figuratively) causing liberals heads to explode. From his hiring freezes to immigration stance (deportations happening daily) to helping vets, Libs can bitch and moan all they wish, but this guy is working non-stop. He won’t be perfect, cough Obamacare repeal, but at least he is trying. Barry O didn’t get anything done in his first 100 days that even minutely matches what Trump has done so far, that is a fact.

Now this extension is a bandaid of sorts as it will expire and Congress needs to get off its ass (err hiatus) and get to work on making this country what it really should be, the Best Country in the World.


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