Why are liberals afraid of safe borders?

trumpToo often when President Trump speaks of securing our borders along the Mexican line, why are liberals so up in arms about it? I mean a simple YouTube search will expose the absolute FACT that Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama all promulgated the exact position. Of course the mainstream media will have you believe he wants to keep everyone out, and that is simply a 100% fabrication. I’ll bet YouTube is the media’s biggest obstacle, because anytime they promote a position all young kids do is look to YouTube to see the truth, it is many time a glorious revelation.

President Trump, just like all of his predecessors, want immigration, he is against “illegal” immigration, that is coming here illegally. The left will utilize their little baby snowflake words like “undocumented aliens” or “undocumented citizens.” You are not a citizen if you are undocumented, you are here illegally, don’t fall for the liberal indoctrination here folks.

Now President Trump is actively deporting those already here illegally and liberals lose their damn minds over it, but it is the law, if you came here without documentation, if you forced your way into our country illegally you risk being deported.

Imagine this, suppose a young college graduate (with only citizenship in the United States) wanted to move to Australia to begin a new life. Let’s say Australia has some sort of immigration policy in place (they do by the way, as do most countries) and this college student hopped a ship headed for Sydney. Let’s suppose this young person started a relationship right away and was “in love” but never fulfilled any immigration obligations. Now let’s suppose that young new college grad goes out drinking one night, gets in a fight and is arrested. While at the station the processing officers realize this person is there illegally. Would it be wrong for that person to be sent back to the US? Hell no, they were there illegally. The position the left takes on this issue is asinine. No one has the right to come here or the right to demand entry into any country, each person must follow the immigration rules, without that we have anarchy.


President Trump today spoke of the gangs from Mexico establishing bases here in the US due to a lax (catch and release) policy implemented by his predecessor and that was and still is a huge problem. I grew up in the southern US and have friends who are border patrols agents. They tell me it is a joke, they are attacked and all they can do to defend themselves is use non-deadly force and when they do catch someone, they have to basically cut them loose.

If you allow the offender a free pass, of course they will just keep coming back, it is simply ludicrous to believe otherwise. Trump’s policy is not foolish or hateful, his number one priority as the POTUS is to protect the citizens of the USA and if you have to play mean to do it, I know liberals won’t appreciate it but we sure do!


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