All is fair in love and politics – even if you are a conservative on Fox News – Bill O’Reilly gets canned!

With the huge news that Fox News and Bill O’Reilly have parted ways today, his departure demonstrates that even far right leaning anchorpersons on a seemingly far-right network are not above repudiation. Mr. O’Reilly is alleged to have sexually harassed women over the course of many years and the recent disclosure of a $13 million payout to the alleged victims was too much for Fox and Mr. O’Reilly to overcome.

Networks run on advertisers and when 50 dropped from Mr. O’Reilly’s show “the Factor” it was the writing on the wall. I have no personal comment to make about him as an individual as I don’t know him but if one of the allegations were true that should have been enough to oust him, it seems like Fox caved to the media pressure. Nevertheless, I’m sure Mr. O’Reilly will wind up somewhere (maybe a Ted Turner or Richard Branson run network, hmmm, just a total speculative hunch there) because his show was widely popular and everything tends to fade away over time, remember Brian Willams’ controversy and he is still out there spewing out his “news” as is Dan Rather. My guess is Mr. O’Reilly will take another long vacation and be back somewhere very soon, but I certainly could be wrong, I didn’t believe Fox would actually have the wherewithal to boot him in the first place.

Fox News has to be given some credit here for taking its biggest star and showing him the door, I’m sure Mr. O’Reilly had a lot of pull there but in the end, revenue from advertisers is what doomed him. Is there a lesson to be learned here, yeah, don’t sexually harass women (if he did) and know that if you are going to settle with them there will be repercussions.


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