Liberals – are they offended by the mere existence of others?

If you give a liberal enough time they will find something that offends them. Take a Hawaiian sunset for example. Given the opportunity a Liberal will attempt to destroy the peaceful tranquility of such a spectacular sunset. They will assert, Hawaii was stolen from the Hawaiians, the US has forced its’ policies upon them, pineapples cost too much! Why? Because they thrive on opposition, they thrive on confrontation, they thrive on debate. It isn’t to illuminate their positions, it is to stop others from sharing opposing opinions openly. Never mind the fact, the state has pretty much only ever voted for Liberals, or that their famed Barry was “born” there, or that it is full of East Coast and California tourists every freaking day, nope if a conservative uses an image it is hateful, offensive to the “natives.” (I’m sure the Hawaiian people love being called natives).

So how do you offend a liberal? Heck just by breathing, just existing, just by being alive. Apparently, according to thousands of twitter posts (mostly from millennials) every single person who voted against Hillary in the last election is a racist, misogynistic, hateful, fear-mongering, illegal immigrant hating, anti-American (really?), homophobic piece of garbage. So apparently by not saying a word, just by casting a vote (62,984,825) for Trump, this is enough to offend a liberal, in fact it is enough to have them deem you a homophobe, a hateful person, a Nazi and a racist.

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Heck, I’ll be the first to admit Trump wasn’t my favorite candidate, far from it, but I wasn’t about to vote for an elitist, entitled, lying, cheating, anti-American shrew! That being said, I don’t deem people who voted for her as idiotic or hateful or as liars or cheaters, etc., but you see when Liberals are offended, they blame others, they sling their hate away from the source (Hillary’s inept campaign and lack of any direction for the country at all) and onto law-abiding good citizens who just happened to have a difference of opinion. Why? Because they loathe the fact we have free-thinkers, they loathe competition, they loathe, nay hate opposing positions. If you don’t agree with a liberal you are scum, beneath that of even ISIS. Hillary and Barry O famously said the country’s worst enemy were Republicans. I mean really, more than ISIS, more than Iran, more than any terrorist organization, an opposing position. Why? Because they want to utilize their positions to indoctrinate our youth into thinking their way is the only way. Imagine what the main-stream-media would have said if a Republican had said Democrats posed the greatest threat to our country, but what did we hear, not a peep. It is ridiculous.

Back to the election results, I mean really, how many tweets did you read that called you (if you voted for Trump) a racist? How does that apply to black people to voted for him? What about being called anti-feminist or misogynistic? If you were a woman who voted for him how does this apply exactly? Now of course the easiest thing they can do is call you stupid for exercising your right vote for someone other than the lying piece of garbage, couldn’t care less about anyone other than herself candidate Hillary. You are stupid if you voted for Trump and his message, you are stupid if you voted for Trump and his policies, and so on. What were Hillary’s policies again, oh yeah, on the tails of my lying, cheating, rapist husband I was able to become Secretary of State and despite my absolute failure in that capacity you need to vote for me because I’m “qualified.” That position is akin to saying an abortion doctor is “qualified” at saving lives .  So if you breathe and live in Nebraska, Wisconsin, North Carolina, etc. anywhere Trump won, you are stupid, you are racist, you are a homophobe (even if you were gay and voted Trump, you apparently hate yourself), and you have offended a liberal. It takes nothing to offend a liberal but it takes a country to smack them down in their little snowflake faces and show them we, in fact, are not stupid, but just fed up with liberal idiocy!

Supposedly attributed to Mark Twain, I’ll leave you with this little (paraphrased) tidbit: “When you argue with stupid people (i.e., any liberal) they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”


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