Liberal indoctrination in a small Texas college.

There is always talk about how colleges are full of liberal professors espousing their ideology and indoctrinating our youth. The left will have you believe the ratio of liberal professors to conservatives is fairly equal, but I can assure you, having attended 7 years of higher education in Texas and Oklahoma, I don’t have a recollection of one conservative professor. Nevertheless I survived the melee of constant conservative attacks and vilification of every Republican president who ever existed, yes even Lincoln and Reagan.

This brings me to a story I wanted to tell you about liberal indoctrination, specifically as it applies to our military and draft-dodging. I attended a central Texas college located near the Austin Texas area. While attending the school I took an elective, I can’t remember the name exactly, but I believe it was something like Magic, Ritual and Religion. About 25 years ago I, along with probably 100 other students attended this professor’s course as it was an easy “A.” It was an elective course about anthropology and the study of other cultures dealings with death and burial. While attending this course the professor, probably in his 40s at the time, and who was genuinely entertaining told a story about being drafted for the Vietnam War.  (Oh I know just hearing that word is driving some liberal crazy right now, “we should never have been there” “those soldiers murdered innocent people” “Jane Fonda is a goddess.”)

Anyway, this clearly liberal professor, like I said colleges don’t have conservative professors (you know that old saying, “those who can’t do, teach”), told us about how he was going to make sure he was rejected when the time came for selection. Now at the time, my oldest brother was in the Army, serving his country by riding in a tank in the desert in the Middle East. The professor went on this long diatribe about how he didn’t believe in the war, why he shouldn’t go, how some of his friends had already been drafted, etc. He told us about his plan, he was going to try and get rejected because of his weight. Now it isn’t what you are thinking, this guy was small, I mean like 145 lbs soaking wet small, no his plan wasn’t to eat enough Krispy Kreme to kill the local precinct, his plan was to be too thin to serve. I’m sure he told this story to all of his classes, and what it had to do with the subject matter still eludes me. He started by telling us his plan, he would only drink water, of course he would smoke his pot (to a room full of laughter), but that he would only eat a handful of peanuts or cheerios each day. He would actively spend his day focusing on avoiding serving his country, to dodge the draft and he admitted it willingly and cheerfully. He told us about days when he would only eat a piece of lettuce all day and how his weight would continue to dip down, to, I believe under 100 lbs.

When the day came and he inevitably got his letter in the mail (this was before internet kids) he reported and weighed in. To his delight, the Army rejected him. He took pride in telling his bevy of students how he fooled the government by actively avoiding something he had been called to do. Imagine if he had told that story in 1939?

The reason for this story is this, if you think professors are not actively, and haven’t been actively, indoctrinating our youth to subscribe to a certain way of thinking, you are as dense as the granite in my kitchen. A professor commands the attention of the room and holds the fate of each student. At this age (early 20s) it is easy to be influenced by those you are supposed to look up to. We’ve all heard stories about professors giving poor grades to kids who didn’t share their philosophical and, yes, even religious or political views. This is one reason I loathe the left, they are not dumb, they start with our kids, they fill them with beliefs that if they don’t like something they don’t have to do it, no matter the costs.

Today colleges are actively attempting to fill these young persons heads with an ideology of anti-patriotism. Didn’t we see professors giving kids the day off after the election to “mourn” or run to “safe spaces.” I mean where are the patriots in this country, where are the true Americans because I don’t see them coming out of college, I see whiny crying little children, insolent children at that. I am so relieved our country stuck it to the libs so hard this past November because liberalism deserves to die a slow painful death, and I believe it is beginning.

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