Does Patriotism offend liberals?

Have you tried to walk down a street in Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA, Boston, MA carrying a United States flag? Try it and see how many loonies you get yelling at you! Seriously, it will happen, this is what our country has come to, disdain for Old Glory. And for what, why are they yelling? If we are all American, certainly the symbol of our long fight for freedom and transition into the most powerful country on earth shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, right? Seriously, getting booed or yelled at for carrying the flag, what in the world has our country come to!

I remember seeing a man being beaten for wearing one of the recent election candidates’ hat and another woman being cornered by a glass door while others threw items at here, again, because she supported someone they, the “enlightened and tolerant” didn’t. There is a hateful narrative being championed, that is our president and our nation are basically Nazis, essentially the media and, especially the vast number of millennials will have you believe if you are not a liberal, you are a Nazi. That isn’t an extreme position I’m taking, it is, sadly, the truth, just search #election2016 on twitter and see what people think of others who simply didn’t vote the way they wanted.

Now, I’ve mentioned before I am not a Trump fan, he wasn’t my choice, but he is #yourpresident, sorry but he is. Also, I’ve tried to find on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, YouTube and other sources some evidence he actually is a Nazi, not a Meme (check out ours by the way, they are great) or an op-ed, but actual proof he said something that was racist, where he defiled black people and called for their extermination. I didn’t find anything. Now is he a blowhard, yes, is he fly by the seat of his pants when he talks, yes. But a Nazi, sorry there isn’t any proof.

I did see a lot about a certain planned parenthood organizer, Margaret Sanger, allegedly stating blacks should be eliminated. You can go and read all the attributable quotes, some are horrific and if true, outright defiling of the African American race in general. However when those quotes came about, the left was very quick to come to her defense (because Hillary had quoted her as someone she admired) to try and dissuade any negative connotations. Why, because their hero, Hillary, had referred to her, never mind Hillary was a Goldwater girl (psst, kids, he was a racist!, oh yeah, and Democrats were against the Civil Rights act of 1964, founders of the KKK and responsible for Jim Crow laws, and get this, eek a Republican President freed the slaves, brush up on your history youngsters- who is the party of racism again?). The point is, to promote an ideology of hate for our country because a conservative is president is ludicrous, but that it what the media had done, and is still doing as I write this. That is why someone carrying the US flag will get jeers, taunts, and maybe worse, in our own country for goodness sakes. This is not right.

The left has this uncanny ability to advocate for unpatriotic behavior. They cheer the burning of flags and call it free speech (I acknowledge the Supreme Court has held that to be the case) but why champion unpatriotic behavior. They also promote immoral activity without any shame. Now we all know (kids look this up to, it is even on YouTube, Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary, but he got then and still to this day gets a pass from the media, a kind of aw shucks that’s just Bill response.  Also kids, JFK cheated (numerous times), but he gets the “so smart and handsome” bailout.  John Kerry’s running mate from a few elections ago, John Edwards fathered a child with his mistress, but no worries from the media, just a good ole boy having some fun, never mind also at the same time his wife was dying of cancer. Now if a conservative does something similar, heck even if they “mistreated” a dog by putting them in a kennel on a trip and carried that kennel on the roof of their car, it is shame, shame to no end, conservatives get vilified in the media. If you disagree with me, you are a liberal.

Why would the media promote one side’s immoral and unpatriotic actions over another. I believe that if any man or woman cheats, their actions should be condemned but eventually forgiven if they are truly remorseful. Okay, I’m on a bit of a tangent so back to the point of the post. The point was to show that liberals and the mainstream media really don’t like America. I mean they don’t, they despise morals and patriotism, it offends them. Why show what are clearly riots and call them protests or gatherings, I mean c’mon, it is people who didn’t get their way, being paid to go out and cause damage and worse. This ideology is ridiculous and if you promote it, shame on you.

But why, why do these inherent values offend? Why does support for one’s country offend someone, I just don’t get that philosophy and 62,000,000 plus others don’t understand that philosophy, that ideology either.  The liberal philosophy, as we have heard a million times, is that of “do as I say not as I do,” “you must obey us” and “do what we (Government) say” “we know what is best for you.” And if you don’t obey, the media will indoctrinate and even chastise you.  Remember CNN’s Jake Tapper telling us we couldn’t look at WikiLeaks, only they could – if you couldn’t laugh at that bias and corruption, you, my friend, are blind and naive.  Now Facebook wants to tell me what is fake news, c’mon!  I’m proud to support my country, I’m proud, NOT ASHAMED to be an American. If that offends you….you must be a liberal.

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