What is Daily Libs?

If you just arrived because you are searching for liberal news, you have come to the right place, except it is news about liberals and their hypocrisy, so go ahead snowflakes comment and offend away because someone has a difference of opinion about your idiotic policies and behavior.

I was going to call this What Are Liberals Bitching About Today, but it was way too long of a domain name lol, anyway welcome to DailyLibs.com, your source for not-fake-news, memes, general comments and stories about the hypocrisy, hate, indoctrination and overall lunacy of the left.

Have you ever wondered why liberals are so very angry and they never take responsibility for their own failures? Well stay tuned, we will help you see the light, the light that portrays this ideology of irrationality and lunacy.  Sure there are crazies on the right, but the vast majority of lefties are truly wacko, in my humble opinion.

For example, I have lived in the Seattle area for nearly 13 years and have personally seen the City elect a socialist to its’ City Council then be shocked and complain about her socialist policies!

I’ve seen the City of Seattle implement a City-wide bike rental system, only to have no one use it, then spend millions more to make up for the fact it wasn’t being used to “keep it going” then to ultimately scrap it all.

I’ve seen the City’s Mayor readily admit he has no idea how to deal with the homeless, but yet wants to tax the City’s citizens to keep them homeless.

I’ve also seen this mayor and others actually promote “safe” injection sites for heroin users. I mean, never mind the fact possession of heroin is illegal, they want to just overlook that tiny little piece of information and allow injections sites (paid for with tax revenue) so that addicts don’t overdose. Really! I mean talk about enabling.

These are just some examples of liberal lunacy, stay tuned for more….much more!


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