Does the 1st Amendment only apply to liberals? Are Liberals anti-Free Speech?

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 2.09.58 PMWith the recent Ann Coulter/Berkeley situation it leaves those of us patriots out there wondering, are Liberal anti-free-speech? Look at Milo, Ben Shapiro and other conservatives who have encountered hate, riots, looting, even a shooting in Seattle. What in the hell is going on.

If someone is delivering a speech you don’t approve of, don’t go, it’s a simple response. But to go to the location, engage anyone you believe to be a supporter of that speaker and threaten, then follow through with, violence, doesn’t make you a protestor, rather you are a rioter and a fascist. People who act in that way are what liberals supposedly stand against.

Ms. Coulter, Mr. Yiannopoulos, Mr. Shapiro and yes, even Michael Moore, all have a right to speak about their politics.  The typical liberal cop-out is to claim the political speech is “hate” speech. Really, or is it just speech you dislike. Not one of these speakers being protested is promoting hate, not a one! They are promoting conservatism and when liberals attack a political view as hate, who is the hateful person. I haven’t seen any evidence in any of the conservative speeches where hate or violence is promoted, unlike what we recently saw from the libs own Loretta Lynch or what we hear from Mr. Farrakhan. Do liberals think those speeches (ones that say black men should rise up and kill if necessary along with Ms. Lynch’s promotion of anti-trump riots) are riddled with hate. Of course they don’t because they aren’t conservatives. It is hypocrisy at its highest, but they don’t realize we notice this hypocrisy, that is exactly why they lost.

The First Amendment protects everyone, not just liberals. Liberals who promote violent opposition to others that don’t agree with them are like Nazis. Yeah, I said it, if you are coming to a speech, promoting violence and utilizing violence to stop the speech you don’t agree with you are a hate-monger, you are a hypocritical idiot. Liberals only cite to the First Amendment when it serves their purposes and agenda, clearly it doesn’t apply to free-speech from conservatives.


Democrats always think tax cuts are a bad idea!


Today President Trump (still can’t believe I am writing that!! suck it Hillary) signed his new tax plan. Immediately leftists across our great country slammed the president for only cutting taxes for the only the rich, never mind the actual truth. While he did cut taxes for high income earners, estimated from 39.6% to 35% rate, his plan would also end the estate tax (where the government get to double tax you essentially – even though you paid taxes on the money you earned, when you go to give it to your heirs they want another tax – a complete garbage grab by the greedy government and liberals, of course, have an issue with it). Additionally, and this is huge for capitalism (you know what keeps our country strong) his plan cuts the tax for business owners from 35% to 15%. This assists business owners who have large overhead (payroll, expenses, etc.) to turn a larger profit thereby stimulating the economy. Also, married couples would not pay taxes on the first $24,000 of income. These are all huuuuuge cuts for everyone, not a single group.

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While calling it good and bad, the best argument libs could come up with was how it “might” affect the deficit, you see no one knows so therefore it is automatically bad becuase a Republican president signed it. Never mind our last president, I forget his legacy..err name, more than doubled our deficit (more than the last 3 presidents combined). So if there is any ambiguity in how the tax plan “might” affect the deficit, it is bad according to liberals. Truly they are reaching here, Trump has done more than Obama did in his first 4 years to this point but alas the mainstream media must hound Trump daily. Of course the only “experts” offering opinions are from extreme left universities, shocker a liberal professor doesn’t agree with Trump. Who is the billionaire again? One report went so far as to vaguely admit the plan’s ability to stimulate “While lower taxes can lead to higher growth, there’s also a ‘fiscal drag,” said a super liberal Trump hating tax professor at Columbia Law School. Funny how no conservative economists were interviewed. Of course ABC News and other leftist propaganda spewing anti-trump outlets are bashing tax cuts of all things. Here is what FoxNews had about the tax plan

So like I said to start, libs always complain about any tax cuts a republican implements, what’s next are they going to complain about babies? Oh wait…#abortion #plannedparenthood.

I say great job Trump, what could possibly be wrong with lowering taxes? Oh yeah, a liberal didn’t do it!

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The Media’s Take on Hillary’s First 100 Days….if she had won

trumpDaily the media bashes President Trump and all he “hasn’t done” in the First 100 Days (in the latest graphs coming out we see 87% negative coverage by the media). The First 100 Days has been a benchmark going back a number of presidents, is it fair, is it any kind of representation of what each individual’s presidency will be, no, it is simply a superficial marker of progress.

Never mind how the media is viewing Trump each day, let’s take a very hypothetical view of how the media would have fawned over Hillary had she won the Presidential Election of 2016, the days following all leading up to her A++ rating on her first 100 days.

After election night, I suspect, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, George Stephanopouloss and Wolf Blitzer would have had one on one’s with Hillary within the first several days after her victory. They would have talked transition plans, vague policy ideas and most importantly how she would decorate the Oval office and bedrooms and what kind of lovely little dog she might get to join her and Bill and Chelsea. There would a little reminiscing over her time there as FLOTUS but now that she was POTUS how things would take on more of her female decorum. There would be talk of purple and teal placemats in the dining rooms, the new furniture being ordered, interviews with the new kitchen staff, what sheets she would be sleeping in, when her grandkids would visit (oh how adorable they are).

Then it would be off to do Ellen, Oprah, then Colbert, Fallon and the rest. The media would have daily cheered and gleefully chastised Trump on what an abysmal failure he and his campaign were and how the GOP was done and Democrats should only expect real competition from new up and coming third parties.

Finally, MSNBC, CNN and ABC news would all have special behind-the-scenes access to the inauguration, the balls, what would be served, what type of dessert and wine, then there would be a special with the female winemaker chosen to serve at the inauguration, then another special on the tapestry maker, then the media would find some female waiter who was barely making ends meet before the campaign (never mind Obama was to blame) tell her story about how much of an honor it was to serve President Hillary Clinton and the glorious banquets, and what a representative she was to women everywhere.

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Then, of course, there would have been the inauguration, the comparisons to Obama’s crowds, the marching bands, an all-female musical performance (think Dixie Chicks). The media would’ve compared Bill’s inaugurations to Hillary’s and shown them holding hands and canoodling with each other like they were back in Arkansas (before the rapes, or was that after, I forget…) and what a wonderful couple they were, how they withstood such controversies to form a solid bond…yada yada yada.

After the inauguration, I suspect Hillary would have taken a couple of days off to recuperate then had an exclusive with Diane Sawyers and shown her around the White House over the course of three one hour specials airing nightly. Finally, after Hannity and O’Reilly’s incessant bashing of her over not doing anything she would have picked her SCOTUS replacement, then her new FBI director (like she would’ve kept Comey even if she had won) and then talked about how Wasserman-Schulz was a perfect fit for Secretary of Education due to her morals, and how Obama himself might play a small role as an advisor.


She would then talk about (not actually do any of this) how she was going to begin to fulfill her campaign promises and each network would miraculously pick just one of her promises (all of them would pick the same one) and hammer that over and again on nightly broadcasts talking about how it was clear she was steadfast in her resolve to get that one promise fulfilled (even though it would never actually happen). “Next on Hardball, Hillary’s grand efforts to fix …” um what was it again, anyway, they would as a team of sorts run with one narrative, one talking point, beat it to death, then Hillary would make some small gesture to try and get some work done on it and NBC would congratulate her with a 3 episode inside look at how to run Washington from a woman’s point of view, finally concluding “and the effort she is putting in just shows how her experience is benefitting every American” despite the fact she hadn’t yet done anything.

Then it would be announced on every network, “ABC news in a recent poll [polling data conveniently left out] found 98% of Americans believe Hillary is performing, only slightly lower than Obama at this point in his first 100 days” (you know because he was the second coming of Christ!). Hillary would only give one on one interviews with the press, completely ignore Fox News, have her new Press Secretary Loretta Lynch (yeah, press secretary, because she likes to talk) tell everyone how hard Hillary is working so much so that no one has even seen her in the White House. The media would dote over how great of a president she already is, how she is easily going to win re-election and (it wouldn’t matter if she has reached any of her campaign goals yet), the Republican Congress was to blame on keeping her from her promises and how they were just spiteful because a woman ran and won, and how sexist Congress had become.

Hillary would still not have given any press conferences, due “to her busy schedule.” She would, however, have had an opportunity to host dinner for a few Middle Eastern Princes and would announce how the Clinton Foundation exceeded its donations this year already compared to all it accrued during the campaign. She would also announce, via her new AG (Loretta Lynch got that better gig) how Republicans were going to be investigated for numerous campaign violations, how valuable the UN was, what a good friend we have in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and our great relationship with the Palestinians, leaving out any mention of Netanyahu or Israel of course. She would dote on Putin and how her experience as Secretary of State enabled her the ability to communicate with him as only she could and how he was respecting her already (never mind he was bombing away with impunity – not reported by the media).

The media would have, during this first 100 days, deemed her a better president than her husband (and of course he would be agreeing all the way because her re-election meant more interns for him) but how her abilities as president were just short of Obama at this point.  However, they would be sure to point out, she was fast approaching Obama as an equal, on her way to clearly being the best president ever. Grandiose parties would be attended by Hollywood elite and media moguls. George Soros would make a personal appearance and would be presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a standing room only ovation, Meryl Streep right up front. Does all this sound about right?

Whew, thank God the Lord Almighty none of that happened. Can you imagine this wretched haggard woman running our country, having performed 1/100th of what Trump has done to this point only to be praised and honored by the mainstream media. What a world we live in when these underdog candidates keep sticking it to the mainstream and the mainstream is oblivious and keeps up with its tactics to no avail, I mean look at France. Viva la France, Viva la Trump! God Bless America!!!!

Are liberal strongholds immoral? Did that impact the Election of 2016?


From Seattle to San Francisco to New York City, are these liberal strongholds completely immoral. Does morality mean anything in these cities? Do they even care what morality is, is it important to them? I’ll answer the question, no, not at all and they will vehemently attack anyone who disagrees with them. They are not subject to morality because that is fascism.

Seattle has a Summer Solstice parade and cheerfully flaunt fully naked women and men in a parade right in front of children. San Francisco’s pride parades are filled with dildos, naked men and more. To each is own is a common response, but what does this type of implicit immoral behavior teach our children?

How is watching a naked man with a dildo in his mouth sharing it with his partner walking down a city street with thousands of others teaching a child of 4 years old “acceptance!” It isn’t, it is indoctrination, nothing more. Sexual behavior should be kept between the people involved and not openly displayed for all to see, but liberals will instinctively call you a homophobe or a racist or a hate-monger if you dare provide a contrary opinion to this type of leftist indoctrination of children.


If you want to teach your children to be accepting of others, then that is no problem but does accomplishing that goal mean having a small child watch a group of people in a parade simulate sexual acts to “celebrate” their lifestyle.  Just by asking this question and putting it online, I will inevitably be attacked as being all the things liberal love to spew about people who question their values and morals, but I don’t give a rats ass, hate away you hypocritical fascists.

How many times have you seen someone supporting a political candidate be attacked, physically just for their views. The leftists will justify their actions as stopping “hate.”The liberal view it that supporting a candidate opposite their political views is promoting “hate.” It is a sad state of affairs.

Immorality breeds illegal behavior which breeds anarchy. Just look at Berkeley for example, a conservative cannot even hold a speech without people who “disagree” with their views physically attacking their supporters. The same happened in Seattle.

When one side spews its message as love and tolerance and enlightened only to attack opposing views, that is fascism, the very thing they allege of the right. Actions are what drive the educated, not veiled words of tolerance. When you display the do what I say not as I do mentality, people notice. When you claim to be part of a more educated, tolerant, accepting group but keep those out who question your moral character, you are the hate monger. Liberals hate opposing views and those that will not accept everything they promote.

So San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, keep up with your immoral activities, I think you might be surprised at the result.  Did you just happen to see a “shoe-in” get pounded in the Electoral College? Do you know why that happened? No it isn’t because 65 million+ people are misogynists, racists, homophobes, it is because America is tired of the immorality being promoted and even championed in these cities. Keep it up and you will continue to be disappointed every election day.

When CNN asked AG Sessions if he would prosecute media outlets his response blew them away…

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.18.02 AMCNN, America’s #1 source for liberal propaganda and indoctrination held an interview with AG Jeff Sessions regarding his goal to go after Wikileaks and Julian Assange for its, arguably, illegal activities.

When asked about Mr. Assange and the rumors swirling about the justice department’s preparation of charges against him, CNN’s Kate Bolduan asked Mr. Sessions if he would go after news outlets like “CNN and the New York Times” (two of the most left leaning news outlets in existence).

Mr. Sessions response was that it was speculative to assume he would or would not and he was not going to comment. Wow!


Ha ha ha! You could almost imagine her taking a big gulp, knowing all too well she would be spewing her liberal hatred later in that hour on all things anti-Trump.

Hey Sessions is a unique character to say the least, but when she basically asked him, “hey aren’t we above the law” he mater-of-factly told her “HELL no!”

CNN and New York Times, you have clearly been warned “whenever a case can be made we will seek to put some people [i.e. you lying propagandists] in jail.” I mean what could be better than brining him on, taunting him with your holier than thou question and then having it batted right back down your pie hole!

Happy Friday Patriots!!!

Trump opens up private doctors to help veterans

On Wednesday, President Trump signed a bill (Veterans Choice Program Extension) to allow for veterans to seek private care rather than go through the myriad of holdups, delays and denials via the Department of Veteran Affairs (aka VA).  trump-signs-bill-allowing-veterans-to-seek-care-outside-broken-va-system

The bill will enable veterans to get the care they need and not have to travel hours upon hours to their local VA. I’m sorry libs, but this is great for vets especially those in desperate need of medical care who have been ignored or forgotten thus far by the VA. The bill will also enable greater ease in sharing medical records, speeding up VA payments and cutting down those long lines vets face for care.

Remember that campaign promise to do exactly this, well Trump is proving good on many promises so far and it is literally (okay figuratively) causing liberals heads to explode. From his hiring freezes to immigration stance (deportations happening daily) to helping vets, Libs can bitch and moan all they wish, but this guy is working non-stop. He won’t be perfect, cough Obamacare repeal, but at least he is trying. Barry O didn’t get anything done in his first 100 days that even minutely matches what Trump has done so far, that is a fact.

Now this extension is a bandaid of sorts as it will expire and Congress needs to get off its ass (err hiatus) and get to work on making this country what it really should be, the Best Country in the World.

Why are liberals afraid of safe borders?

trumpToo often when President Trump speaks of securing our borders along the Mexican line, why are liberals so up in arms about it? I mean a simple YouTube search will expose the absolute FACT that Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama all promulgated the exact position. Of course the mainstream media will have you believe he wants to keep everyone out, and that is simply a 100% fabrication. I’ll bet YouTube is the media’s biggest obstacle, because anytime they promote a position all young kids do is look to YouTube to see the truth, it is many time a glorious revelation.

President Trump, just like all of his predecessors, want immigration, he is against “illegal” immigration, that is coming here illegally. The left will utilize their little baby snowflake words like “undocumented aliens” or “undocumented citizens.” You are not a citizen if you are undocumented, you are here illegally, don’t fall for the liberal indoctrination here folks.

Now President Trump is actively deporting those already here illegally and liberals lose their damn minds over it, but it is the law, if you came here without documentation, if you forced your way into our country illegally you risk being deported.

Imagine this, suppose a young college graduate (with only citizenship in the United States) wanted to move to Australia to begin a new life. Let’s say Australia has some sort of immigration policy in place (they do by the way, as do most countries) and this college student hopped a ship headed for Sydney. Let’s suppose this young person started a relationship right away and was “in love” but never fulfilled any immigration obligations. Now let’s suppose that young new college grad goes out drinking one night, gets in a fight and is arrested. While at the station the processing officers realize this person is there illegally. Would it be wrong for that person to be sent back to the US? Hell no, they were there illegally. The position the left takes on this issue is asinine. No one has the right to come here or the right to demand entry into any country, each person must follow the immigration rules, without that we have anarchy.


President Trump today spoke of the gangs from Mexico establishing bases here in the US due to a lax (catch and release) policy implemented by his predecessor and that was and still is a huge problem. I grew up in the southern US and have friends who are border patrols agents. They tell me it is a joke, they are attacked and all they can do to defend themselves is use non-deadly force and when they do catch someone, they have to basically cut them loose.

If you allow the offender a free pass, of course they will just keep coming back, it is simply ludicrous to believe otherwise. Trump’s policy is not foolish or hateful, his number one priority as the POTUS is to protect the citizens of the USA and if you have to play mean to do it, I know liberals won’t appreciate it but we sure do!

All is fair in love and politics – even if you are a conservative on Fox News – Bill O’Reilly gets canned!

With the huge news that Fox News and Bill O’Reilly have parted ways today, his departure demonstrates that even far right leaning anchorpersons on a seemingly far-right network are not above repudiation. Mr. O’Reilly is alleged to have sexually harassed women over the course of many years and the recent disclosure of a $13 million payout to the alleged victims was too much for Fox and Mr. O’Reilly to overcome.

Networks run on advertisers and when 50 dropped from Mr. O’Reilly’s show “the Factor” it was the writing on the wall. I have no personal comment to make about him as an individual as I don’t know him but if one of the allegations were true that should have been enough to oust him, it seems like Fox caved to the media pressure. Nevertheless, I’m sure Mr. O’Reilly will wind up somewhere (maybe a Ted Turner or Richard Branson run network, hmmm, just a total speculative hunch there) because his show was widely popular and everything tends to fade away over time, remember Brian Willams’ controversy and he is still out there spewing out his “news” as is Dan Rather. My guess is Mr. O’Reilly will take another long vacation and be back somewhere very soon, but I certainly could be wrong, I didn’t believe Fox would actually have the wherewithal to boot him in the first place.

Fox News has to be given some credit here for taking its biggest star and showing him the door, I’m sure Mr. O’Reilly had a lot of pull there but in the end, revenue from advertisers is what doomed him. Is there a lesson to be learned here, yeah, don’t sexually harass women (if he did) and know that if you are going to settle with them there will be repercussions.

Liberals – are they offended by the mere existence of others?

If you give a liberal enough time they will find something that offends them. Take a Hawaiian sunset for example. Given the opportunity a Liberal will attempt to destroy the peaceful tranquility of such a spectacular sunset. They will assert, Hawaii was stolen from the Hawaiians, the US has forced its’ policies upon them, pineapples cost too much! Why? Because they thrive on opposition, they thrive on confrontation, they thrive on debate. It isn’t to illuminate their positions, it is to stop others from sharing opposing opinions openly. Never mind the fact, the state has pretty much only ever voted for Liberals, or that their famed Barry was “born” there, or that it is full of East Coast and California tourists every freaking day, nope if a conservative uses an image it is hateful, offensive to the “natives.” (I’m sure the Hawaiian people love being called natives).

So how do you offend a liberal? Heck just by breathing, just existing, just by being alive. Apparently, according to thousands of twitter posts (mostly from millennials) every single person who voted against Hillary in the last election is a racist, misogynistic, hateful, fear-mongering, illegal immigrant hating, anti-American (really?), homophobic piece of garbage. So apparently by not saying a word, just by casting a vote (62,984,825) for Trump, this is enough to offend a liberal, in fact it is enough to have them deem you a homophobe, a hateful person, a Nazi and a racist.

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Heck, I’ll be the first to admit Trump wasn’t my favorite candidate, far from it, but I wasn’t about to vote for an elitist, entitled, lying, cheating, anti-American shrew! That being said, I don’t deem people who voted for her as idiotic or hateful or as liars or cheaters, etc., but you see when Liberals are offended, they blame others, they sling their hate away from the source (Hillary’s inept campaign and lack of any direction for the country at all) and onto law-abiding good citizens who just happened to have a difference of opinion. Why? Because they loathe the fact we have free-thinkers, they loathe competition, they loathe, nay hate opposing positions. If you don’t agree with a liberal you are scum, beneath that of even ISIS. Hillary and Barry O famously said the country’s worst enemy were Republicans. I mean really, more than ISIS, more than Iran, more than any terrorist organization, an opposing position. Why? Because they want to utilize their positions to indoctrinate our youth into thinking their way is the only way. Imagine what the main-stream-media would have said if a Republican had said Democrats posed the greatest threat to our country, but what did we hear, not a peep. It is ridiculous.

Back to the election results, I mean really, how many tweets did you read that called you (if you voted for Trump) a racist? How does that apply to black people to voted for him? What about being called anti-feminist or misogynistic? If you were a woman who voted for him how does this apply exactly? Now of course the easiest thing they can do is call you stupid for exercising your right vote for someone other than the lying piece of garbage, couldn’t care less about anyone other than herself candidate Hillary. You are stupid if you voted for Trump and his message, you are stupid if you voted for Trump and his policies, and so on. What were Hillary’s policies again, oh yeah, on the tails of my lying, cheating, rapist husband I was able to become Secretary of State and despite my absolute failure in that capacity you need to vote for me because I’m “qualified.” That position is akin to saying an abortion doctor is “qualified” at saving lives .  So if you breathe and live in Nebraska, Wisconsin, North Carolina, etc. anywhere Trump won, you are stupid, you are racist, you are a homophobe (even if you were gay and voted Trump, you apparently hate yourself), and you have offended a liberal. It takes nothing to offend a liberal but it takes a country to smack them down in their little snowflake faces and show them we, in fact, are not stupid, but just fed up with liberal idiocy!

Supposedly attributed to Mark Twain, I’ll leave you with this little (paraphrased) tidbit: “When you argue with stupid people (i.e., any liberal) they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

Does Patriotism offend liberals?

Have you tried to walk down a street in Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA, Boston, MA carrying a United States flag? Try it and see how many loonies you get yelling at you! Seriously, it will happen, this is what our country has come to, disdain for Old Glory. And for what, why are they yelling? If we are all American, certainly the symbol of our long fight for freedom and transition into the most powerful country on earth shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, right? Seriously, getting booed or yelled at for carrying the flag, what in the world has our country come to!

I remember seeing a man being beaten for wearing one of the recent election candidates’ hat and another woman being cornered by a glass door while others threw items at here, again, because she supported someone they, the “enlightened and tolerant” didn’t. There is a hateful narrative being championed, that is our president and our nation are basically Nazis, essentially the media and, especially the vast number of millennials will have you believe if you are not a liberal, you are a Nazi. That isn’t an extreme position I’m taking, it is, sadly, the truth, just search #election2016 on twitter and see what people think of others who simply didn’t vote the way they wanted.

Now, I’ve mentioned before I am not a Trump fan, he wasn’t my choice, but he is #yourpresident, sorry but he is. Also, I’ve tried to find on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, YouTube and other sources some evidence he actually is a Nazi, not a Meme (check out ours by the way, they are great) or an op-ed, but actual proof he said something that was racist, where he defiled black people and called for their extermination. I didn’t find anything. Now is he a blowhard, yes, is he fly by the seat of his pants when he talks, yes. But a Nazi, sorry there isn’t any proof.

I did see a lot about a certain planned parenthood organizer, Margaret Sanger, allegedly stating blacks should be eliminated. You can go and read all the attributable quotes, some are horrific and if true, outright defiling of the African American race in general. However when those quotes came about, the left was very quick to come to her defense (because Hillary had quoted her as someone she admired) to try and dissuade any negative connotations. Why, because their hero, Hillary, had referred to her, never mind Hillary was a Goldwater girl (psst, kids, he was a racist!, oh yeah, and Democrats were against the Civil Rights act of 1964, founders of the KKK and responsible for Jim Crow laws, and get this, eek a Republican President freed the slaves, brush up on your history youngsters- who is the party of racism again?). The point is, to promote an ideology of hate for our country because a conservative is president is ludicrous, but that it what the media had done, and is still doing as I write this. That is why someone carrying the US flag will get jeers, taunts, and maybe worse, in our own country for goodness sakes. This is not right.

The left has this uncanny ability to advocate for unpatriotic behavior. They cheer the burning of flags and call it free speech (I acknowledge the Supreme Court has held that to be the case) but why champion unpatriotic behavior. They also promote immoral activity without any shame. Now we all know (kids look this up to, it is even on YouTube, Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary, but he got then and still to this day gets a pass from the media, a kind of aw shucks that’s just Bill response.  Also kids, JFK cheated (numerous times), but he gets the “so smart and handsome” bailout.  John Kerry’s running mate from a few elections ago, John Edwards fathered a child with his mistress, but no worries from the media, just a good ole boy having some fun, never mind also at the same time his wife was dying of cancer. Now if a conservative does something similar, heck even if they “mistreated” a dog by putting them in a kennel on a trip and carried that kennel on the roof of their car, it is shame, shame to no end, conservatives get vilified in the media. If you disagree with me, you are a liberal.

Why would the media promote one side’s immoral and unpatriotic actions over another. I believe that if any man or woman cheats, their actions should be condemned but eventually forgiven if they are truly remorseful. Okay, I’m on a bit of a tangent so back to the point of the post. The point was to show that liberals and the mainstream media really don’t like America. I mean they don’t, they despise morals and patriotism, it offends them. Why show what are clearly riots and call them protests or gatherings, I mean c’mon, it is people who didn’t get their way, being paid to go out and cause damage and worse. This ideology is ridiculous and if you promote it, shame on you.

But why, why do these inherent values offend? Why does support for one’s country offend someone, I just don’t get that philosophy and 62,000,000 plus others don’t understand that philosophy, that ideology either.  The liberal philosophy, as we have heard a million times, is that of “do as I say not as I do,” “you must obey us” and “do what we (Government) say” “we know what is best for you.” And if you don’t obey, the media will indoctrinate and even chastise you.  Remember CNN’s Jake Tapper telling us we couldn’t look at WikiLeaks, only they could – if you couldn’t laugh at that bias and corruption, you, my friend, are blind and naive.  Now Facebook wants to tell me what is fake news, c’mon!  I’m proud to support my country, I’m proud, NOT ASHAMED to be an American. If that offends you….you must be a liberal.

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